Own a Truck Trailer? 3 Maintenance Tips To Keep Them In Great Shape

23 October 2019
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If you own truck trailers, you know they are designed to last a long time. Still, there is maintenance you can do to make the trailers last even longer, which will save you a great deal of money. Keep reading to learn three maintenance tips that you can get started on maintenance now.

Inspect the Tires

One thing that can go out quickly is the tires, especially if you drive your trailers a lot. One thing with tires is that tire pressure is very important not only to keep the tires in good condition but also to help keep you safe. Check the owner's manual for your tires to see what the proper air pressure should be. You can then purchase a tire pressure gauge to periodically check the pressure. 

Inspect the tire treads also. You can do this by using a coin. Place a coin in between the threads. If the coin is not covered at least halfway, then the treads have worn away too much. Now would be a good time to replace the trailer tires.


Lubrication is important to keep your truck trailer in good condition. One area you need to make sure stays lubricated and greased is the ball hitch. This is because hitches can go through a lot of wear and tear because there is metal against metal, which can lead to a lot of friction. It can be dangerous for the ball hitch to not work properly as your trailer could come loose from your truck. 

You also need to grease the ball joints and U-joints, as well as the wheel bearings. It is also important that you use the proper lubrication and grease. If you are not sure, refer to the user's manual or speak with a truck trailer mechanic. The mechanic can also show you how much lubrication and grease you need to use, as well as how often you need to do this. 

Check the Brakes

One thing you need to check with brakes on a truck trailer is that the brakes are in the right adjustment. If not, you would have problems with the brakes, which could lead to an accident. In order to check the adjustment, you can look at the angle of the slack adjuster and chamber push rod. The angle should be approximately 85 to 90 degrees. If not, you need to take your trailer to a mechanic to have the brakes angle adjusted. 

You also need to ensure you replace brakes as soon as you notice any problems with them. For example, if you hear any kind of noise, such as squealing or grinding, it is time to replace the brakes. 

Talk with a truck trailer mechanic at a company like A 24-7 Repair Services to learn of more maintenance tips.