How To Maintain Your Waterproofing

29 May 2019
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Keeping basements dry is one of the toughest jobs a homeowner has to do. In many homes in the country, there's a good chance that water will eventually find its way into your basement at some point in time. This is why people spend a lot of money to try and keep their homes waterproof.

Unfortunately, there are no permanent solutions when it comes to waterproofing. These solutions can still fail at some point in the future unless they're properly maintained. How can you ensure that your home remains waterproof for as long as possible?

Keep Drainage Channels Clear

One of the most important aspects of a waterproof system is a drainage system that can channel the water away from your basement. Drainage systems can be installed on the inside or exterior of the building.

Regardless of where the drainage system is located, it's important to ensure that the system isn't clogged up. Dirt and other debris will accumulate in the channels, and to ensure the system doesn't become clogged, you'll need to clear the buildups regularly.

Have the Pump Checked Regularly

Many basements have a sump that's used to collect any water that finds its way into the basement. A sump pump is usually required to remove this water due to the location of the basement below ground. However, these pumps are known to fail at some point, especially if they are not maintained adequately over the years. The pumps may stop working completely or may simply be less effective at their job. This can cause the sump to start overflowing, spreading water to other parts of your basement.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

How could something that's on the roof affect the drainage system in your basement? Gutters help to channel water off the roof, but they also direct water so that it ends up in the right drainage channels once it gets to the ground. If the gutters are clogged the water from the roof could end up in many places including your basement, overworking the drainage systems there.

Grading the Landscape

One of the most effective ways of keeping water out of the basement is by grading the soil around the house. This is why the soil is usually sloped away from the foundation. This slope can be reduced with time, making it more likely for water to seep into your basement. You'll need to ensure this slope is maintained over the years to prevent this.  

For more information, contact basement waterproofing services in your area.