Three Signs Of Foundation Issues

19 November 2018
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The foundation of your home provides a solid base for the rest of your property. However, environmental factors and the normal process of settling due to the weight of your home can cause your foundation to shift over time. Too much shifting can actually cause your foundation to crack and break. It can also cause your foundation to sink deeply into the ground. Both of these outcomes can cause a number of problems for your home, so it is important to understand some of the clearest warning signs of foundation issues. This way, you spot such issues early and contact a foundation repair specialist before they grow too serious.

Stuck Doors and Windows

One of the most common problems that can affect your home if it is experiencing foundation issues is your doors and windows becoming stuck. When your foundation cracks or sinks, it can cause your home to sit unevenly, which can cause your window and door frames to shift as well. This can make your windows and doors not fit properly within their frames, which means that you may need to use much more effort to force them open or closed.


Another extremely common indicator of foundation issues that is a little harder to miss in comparison to stuck windows and doors, is the presence of cracks throughout your home. A broken and shifting foundation will cause parts of your home to pull away from each other. This, in turn, causes cracks to develop in various areas around your home. Pay attention to the crown molding, the baseboards, and the flooring of your home, which are more likely to exhibit issues–particularly in the corners of rooms. You should also pay attention to the exterior of your home—your chimney and siding can also experience cracking due to a shift or separation in your foundation.


Finally, one last warning sign of foundation issues that you can watch out for is the visible sinking of your home into the ground. This may not be noticeable from the interior, but if you notice that the outside of your home is increasingly belowground, especially if one side of your home is sinking while the other does not, you likely have a foundation issue. Cracking and soil erosion can contribute to one side sinking into the ground, which can cause severe structural damage within your home and will require professional efforts to raise your foundation and stabilize the level of your property.

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