Weather-Related Flooding: It's Equally Dangerous

26 October 2018
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All floods are dangerous. While people often think about the dangers that might come from a flood caused by a sewage backup, standing water caused by heavy rains is equally troublesome. If your home has been exposed to standing flood waters, it's critical you know the risks that are involved so that you understand the importance of taking the matter seriously.

Structural Concerns

Water is calming, but water is forceful and has the potential to be highly damaging. More importantly, your home is not built to serve as a part-time pool or lake. When water rests inside your home for an extended period, it can cause all sorts of structural damage to your home. The water can weaken floorboards and damage wood beams that may serve as support structures in your home.

When a home has structural issues, it is not safe to live in. The water can also cause damage to your electrical system. Even if the flood was restricted to the basement, if the moisture comes in contact with the wiring, it can create hazards throughout your home.

Mold Growth

Mold is the result of a moisture imbalance. When there is too much moisture in the air, the humidity level will increase and eventually, mold will form, no matter its source. Even more alarming is the fact that mold can develop in areas of your home where you may not have experienced any flooding.

Mold exposure is dangerous, but especially for those individuals who have weakened immune systems. Improving ventilation in your home and thoroughly removing the moisture from your home is critical to preventing mold growth.

Health Hazards

Ranging water from heavy rain, hurricanes, and other storm-related activity can flow through all sorts of areas. As the water travels, it can encounter feces, storm drains, and all kinds of bacteria. It's crucial to remember that all these contaminants will end up inside your home and will rest on your floor, walls, ceiling, furniture, and any other structure with which the water comes in contact.

Bacteria can remain on a surface long after the water has been removed. It's critical that your family does not remain in the home until the water has been removed and your home has undergone a professional cleaning. A storm repair company like Personal Touch Services can help you restore your home. While a flood of any nature is a stressful experience, the faster you reach out for help, the quicker you can return your life to normal.