Why You Should Schedule Replacing Your Old Roof Before It Develops Problems

24 September 2018
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Asphalt roofs don't last forever. Even if they aren't damaged by a storm or raccoons, old age will take its toll eventually. The granules shed as the roof ages, and exposure to wind, rain, and UV rays will gradually wear the shingles down. Knowing this, it's best to plan for a roof replacement before your roof is so old and worn out that it leaks. Here are some reasons to schedule a roof replacement well before problems develop.

The Roof Might Be Less Expensive To Replace

If your old roof shingles aren't curling or damaged too badly, it might be possible to put a new roof on top of them. This depends on whether there is a second layer on your roof already as well as the condition of your roof. If water has been leaking under the shingles, the deck might be rotted and need to be replaced too. If the old roof has to be torn off and if the deck needs to be replaced, the cost will be higher than if you can just have new shingles put on. By putting on a new roof before your old one is too damaged, you might be able to save money on labor and disposing of old roofing.

You Can Prevent Water Damage To Your Home

If you don't replace your roof soon enough, it will start to leak. You might not be aware that the roof is leaking, and this can cause water damage to your home. The insulation in your attic might be ruined and you might need to deal with mold due to the dampness caused by the leak. If the leak goes on a long time, there could be damage to the walls in your home. The dampness might attract bugs and cause a foul odor. When the leak starts out small, it can often go undetected until there is significant water damage you need to have repaired.

You Can Schedule The Work For A Convenient Time

If your roof develops a leak, it needs to be fixed as soon as possible. If your roof is in bad enough shape, you may even need emergency service. This can be stressful and hit you at a time when it is inconvenient to your finances. By planning to have the work done because you know it's going to be necessary soon, you can schedule a roofing contractor to do the job for a time when it fits your finances and your schedule. You may even be able to wait until the roofing off-season to see if you can get a better rate for the job.

A new roof is expensive, so you're probably not in a hurry to have the work done. Just remember, the damage caused by a bad roof will cost a lot more, so it's better to have the new roof put on before it's too late.