How To Get A Better Night's Sleep When You Suffer From Arthritis

4 March 2016
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One of the biggest downsides to having arthritis is that it never goes away, even when you are asleep. Not only can arthritis bother you during the day, it can also keep you awake at night and make it more difficult for you to get a quality night's sleep. 

#1 Get Rid Of That Old Mattress

Do not hang onto the same mattress for decades. Over time, your mattress is going to get worn out. As it does, it will lose the vital support and cushion that your body needs in order to sleep comfortably. If you can count the decades that you have had your mattress, it is time to trade it out for a new one. 

#2 Purchase A Firm Yet Plush New Mattress

In order to get the best sleep, you need to purchase a firm yet plush mattress. You need the mattress to be firm enough to stand up to the test of time and to support your body when you change positions at night. You also need your mattress to be plush and soft enough so that your body is cushioned; this will help reduce the pain you experience at night from your arthritis. 

When you go mattress shopping, spend at least fifteen minutes on each of your top mattress choices. You want to lay on the mattress long enough to get a feel for how it will really feel. When you test out mattresses, be sure to lay on it like you actually sleep. For example, if you like to sleep on your left side, be sure to test out all the mattresses by lying on your left side. 

#3 Pay Attention To The Height Of Your Bed

Getting in and out of your bed contributes to the overall quality of your sleep. You shouldn't have to strain your body getting in and out of bed. If it stresses your body just to get into bed, you are going to have a more difficult time getting comfortable. 

When you purchase a new mattress, pay attention to how thick it is. Make sure that it isn't too high. If your mattress is too high, purchase a shorter or adjustable frame for your bed so it sits lower on the ground. 

If you like how tall your bed looks and don't want to adjust the height of your bed, purchase a set of stairs that can go right next to the side of your bed. This will help you get in and out of bed easier without changing the height of the game.

#4 Purchase An Adjustable Bed Base

Another way to get more comfortable when you have arthritis is by purchasing an adjustable bed base. This will allow you to elevate the end of your bed so that you can raise up your knees and relieve pressure on your lower back. You can also adjust your bed so you can sit comfortably and read or watch TV in bed. 

If you share your bed, you can purchase an adjustable bed base with two mattresses so you can both control the comfort of your own bed. 

#5 Put A Blanket Lift On Your Bed

The weight of your blankets can put unnecessary pressure on your joints while you are sleeping. Enjoy the warmth of your blankets without all the weight by installing a blanket lift to your bed. This will keep the blankets elevated and take some of the weight off your body. 

You may also want to invest in an electric blanket that you can heat up to the desired temperature. An electric blanket could allow you to decrease the number of blankets you need to feel warm at night.

Reduce the effects of arthritis on your sleep by implementing the steps above. If your mattress is old, start by replacing it. If your mattress is newer, then start by adjusting the height of your bed. Implement one step at a time, and pay attention to how it affects your health and your sleep. For more information, talk to a company like Ritchie's Furniture & Appliance.