Think Your Home Has Mold? Know Two Ways To Test For It

10 February 2016
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When there is a concern that mold could be living and growing inside your house, it's important to have a professional come in and perform a thorough mold inspection. Having mold can be very harmful to those living in your home, with side effects that could potentially be deadly. That is why mold should be removed immediately. Here are the two tests that are performed that look for mold in your home.

Air Testing

One way that a professional will look for mold in your home is with an air test. It's usually the first step taken, especially if there is a noticeable smell of mold in a home. That's because the mold is most likely in the air already, and affecting the overall air quality. An air test will also be great at finding mold that can be difficult to see due to its location.

Air testing is done using spore traps. It is a sticky surface that allows air in the home to pass through it. If mold particles are in the air, the mold will stick to the surface so that it can be taken out of the home for testing. A chemical which is known to be absorbed by the mold is then applied to the sticky surface in the lab. Those mold spores than enlarge, which help the lab quantify and identify the mold in your home.

When mold cannot be seen, air tests can be taken in different rooms of the home. Rooms that had larger mold samples in them will help narrow down the source of where the mold is currently living.

Surface Testing

For times when mold isn't causing a notable smell, but you think you have spotted it visually, a surface test can be taken.

There are three ways a surface test can be performed.

  • Bulk sample – An item that potentially has mold in it is removed from your home for testing. This could include a porous surface such as a piece of wood.
  • Swab sample – A cotton swab is used to rub a potentially affected area. The area being swabbed is measured to accurately calculate the amount of mold on the surface.
  • Tape sample – Clear tape will be applied and removed from the sample area, which takes mold samples with it for testing in a lab.

The initial step for removing mold from your home is testing. Reach out to a mold remediation company in your area for help. Visit for more information.