2 Things To Know About Getting A Water Damaged House Restored

6 January 2016
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Was your life turned upside down after a flood led to your home being damaged from water? If you are stressed out because you have no clue how to get things back in order, it might be time to consult with a restoration company for water damage. Discover in this article the helpful things that a restoration company can do to improve the damage to your house that was caused by the flood.

What Can Be Done to Repair a Water Damaged House?

The type of restoration done for your water damaged home will not be determined until after the excess water is pumped out. The restoration company must get rid of excess water so the amount of damage in your home can be properly assessed for repairs. Basically, a commercial grade pump will be used to get rid of the water in large quantities at a time to make the task more efficient. The interior and exterior of your home will then be inspected by the restoration company. You are likely to be quoted a price for repairs after the inspection is done, which will allow you to alert your insurance company (if you have flood coverage).

Mold remediation is one of the first things that will be done when restoration takes place. Getting rid of mold might involve peeling off damaged wallpaper, clean or replacing molded flooring, as well as putting new insulation in the walls. Molded furniture will also be cleaned if it is necessary. You can expect your house to be thoroughly cleaned and deodorized when the restoration company is done with the task. The exterior water damage repairs might include installing new siding, fixed the roof, replanting grass and repairing damaged hardscapes.

What Kind of Fees Will Be Charged to Restore a Water Damaged House?

The overall price that you are charge for water damage restoration to your home depends on what must be done. For instance, ceiling damage that was caused from the roof being saturated with water might cost $100 plus if new sheet rock is installed. The amount of water in your home that must be pumped out can affect the price as well. If there is four inches or less of water in your house, you should expect to pay a minimum of $7,800. The quoted prices are based on the estimated fees for a homeowner who doesn't have flood insurance. Speak to a restoration company like Western Skies Restoration Inc about the water damage in your house as soon as you can!