5 Things You Can Do Now That Will Make Home Maintenance Easier Next Spring

16 December 2015
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If you want to make spring cleaning and home maintenance easier this spring, there are some chores that you should consider doing now. While everyone else is on a ladder or busy working around their yard, you will be able to sit back and enjoy the milder weather. Below are five things to do now that will make spring a bit easier:

1. Cover up your gutters.

There are many prefabricated gutter guards that you can easily add to the troughs to keep leaves, dirt, and trash from clogging up your gutters. This will make clearing and washing gutters much easier in spring, and will prevent the trough from becoming heavy and saggy from the weight of debris. Clean, clear gutters pose less risk of leaks, too.

2. Repair or replace roofing shingles.

Rather than wait for the sunny weather of spring, you may want to consider replacing those shingles now. This will prevent leaks and moisture damage to your roof this winter. You will want to wait for a clear, sunny day to complete roofing tasks, and some roofing adhesives may have temperature recommendations for best results.

3. Seed and cover your lawn.

Late fall is a good time to seed your lawn for grass next spring; just be sure that you follow the recommendations for the specific growing zone that you happen to live in. Cover the seeded lawn space with clean hay, mulch, or another protective layer to prevent the seed from blowing around during winds, and that will help insulate during the winter months.

4. Invest in simple storms.

Storm windows and doors are a prudent investment, and the insulation that they provide during winter months can make them pay for themselves in terms of energy costs. Modern storm windows are much easier to install and remove than some older styles; buying these windows now means that you won't have to struggle and fight with older-models in the spring.

5. Protect your basement from moisture.

Water damage can make your basement smell musty and may damage your stuff that is stored in the cellar or crawlspace of your home. If your home is on a concrete foundation, it could leak after the winter weather and spring thaw; concrete is porous so water can seep through it over time. Talk with waterproofing professionals to find the best approach or product to keep your concrete water-proof, and to prevent run-off messes in the spring.

Try to get these chores done now, in preparation for the long winter ahead. This will ensure your home weathers the storms of the season, without messy chores or clean-up this spring!