Customization And Security Of Data Centers With Fabrication

25 September 2015
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Any business that relies on increasingly powerful computer systems needs a plan for tech expansion. Whether it means adding more computers and servers or building custom systems, you'll need a way to fit in new technology without having to buy entirely new units. Instead of paying a premium on a new product, its containers and other supporting infrastructure, take a look at a few ways that sheet metal fabricators can help you cut upgrade costs.

The Wasted Rack Conundrum

Many data centers and computer-centered businesses use servers and devices mounted on vertical racks to conserve space. These racks make it easier to manage multiple devices in one place, but there's a problem when it comes to mounting different device types.

Server racks can be customized to a certain extent, such as spreading out the corner posts or changing the height of the posts as they're installed in raised floors. Unfortunately, certain devices have different bolt sizes or may be awkward in shape and can't be mounted safely.

You could buy a custom rack for each device, but will you fill out that rack? Can you fill out that rack if the other devices won't fit inside it? Some data centers and equipment rooms become a forest of sparsely-populated racks, each with only a few proprietary devices. Others may be filled with poorly-mounted devices hanging off by a corner, the plastic casing prying away with every shaking footstep of the technicians passing by.

Customized Rack Fabrication

There's a way to design racks that can accommodate most, if not all devices with a single rack design. It takes measurements and a steel fabrication team ready to help you with your designs.

Sheet metal fabrication professionals can develop any number of techniques, but think about two ways that custom shelving can help. Shelves are sometimes bolted in place on some racks and can be used to place devices, but there are some issues with this technique. If a cable is pulled by accident or if there's a disaster such as an earthquake, the device may tumble to the floor due to no restraints.

Fabrication professionals can create shelves and enclosures to protect your devices with custom sizes. The devices can be put inside a cage that can keep the device in place when tugged or if the rack is hit.

Another shelf design could use padded borders that close around the device's sides to provide a secure fit. Unlike the cage design, you'll be able to freely access ports, buttons and screens without having to open the cage or maneuver through awkward spaces.

Contact a sheet metal fabrication team to design your custom server racks and to develop other infrastructure enhancements for the data center.

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