Common Dryer Problems—And How To Fix Them

10 September 2015
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A broken or inefficient dryer can be frustrating, but there are some simple ways to fix many common dryer problems. Here are some steps for troubleshooting a broken dryer.

My Clothes Won't Dry

If your clothes aren't getting dry within the average drying cycle, then you may have a problem with a clogged vent. You should see a nozzle on the back of your dryer; after unplugging the power, disconnect this nozzle and use a small vacuum hose to suck the lint out of the nozzle.

The Dryer is Shaking

If your dryer is making a lot of extra noise while it's drying, then you may need to place some extra padding under the legs to make sure that they're even. You'll need a level and some rubber pads to complete this fix. Place the level on the dryer's lid, and adjust the height of the legs with the padding until all four legs make even contact with the ground. It's important to press down on each corner and make sure that the pads are making good contact with the ground. Even if the machine is level while it's not moving, it may still shake if the legs are making poor contact.

The Dryer Won't Start Back Up

Many people have had issues with a dryer that won't start back up after they briefly check on their clothes and try to restart it. In some cases, opening the door while the dryer is running can cause the thermal fuse to blow out. This small part will need to be replaced by a professional from a company like House Calls Appliance Repair to get the dryer running again.

Dryer Won't Turn On at All

If your dryer won't show any signs of life, there are a few easy things that you should check on before sending it off to a washer and dryer repair center. It may be that the power is off on your electrical outlet; you can check the readings of your power outlets using a hardware store voltage meter. If the power is working, the next thing to check is the timer; if you take the handle off of your timer you can use your voltage meter on the timer's probes as well to check whether the timer motor is out.

While you can sometimes fix a problem with your dryer at home, it's also good to have a washer and dryer repair person look at your machine to make sure it's running efficiently. Just a little bit of a tune up from a professional can help your machine to have a longer life.