3 Mistakes To Avoid When Dealing With Water Damage

7 August 2015
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Waking up in the morning to a bunch of water in your kitchen and living room isn't exactly the most enjoyable experience. You are stuck trying to figure out what went wrong and what needs to be done to fix it. Oftentimes, you are overwhelmed with just the sheer thought of trying to identify the source of the leak and how to get rid of all the excess water. In the commotion and chaos, many people end up making a few critical mistakes that could cost them more than they bargained for.

Taking too long to clean the area.

When you have a water leak, you need to take action right away. Don't just sit around wading in the water and taking your time to start getting rid of the water. The longer you allow the water to sit on the floors, the more damage is going to take place. The water will seep into the carpeting, padding, hardwood floors, subfloors and anywhere else it can get to. The best plan of attack is to get the water out as quickly as possible.

Not identifying the source of the leak.

While it is important to get the water out of the home, it is even more important that you identify the source of the water. If the water is brown or black in color, it probably came from your toilet or septic system somewhere along the way. You should never reach into this water to grab anything out of it. You could be putting yourself at risk for a whole host of trouble. The bacteria and germs floating around in that water is quite extensive. If the water is crystal clear, it is probably a water pipe that goes to the sink that burst and isn't going to be as contaminated as some of the other water leaks.

Neglecting to call in the pros to clean it up.

When dealing with any type of water damage, you need to bring in the professionals to get it cleaned up for you. The airborne contaminants alone aren't something you should attempt to handle without the proper training and gear. Make one call to the water damage restoration crew and let them go to work for you. It will save you a lot of time, hassle and headache along the way.

By not making the mistakes above, you can make sure the problem is taken care of and your property is safe to live in.