Repair Your Rusted Wrought Iron Railing In A Weekend

30 July 2015
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If a section of your wrought iron hand railing on your home has become rusted and worn out, you can replace it by yourself or hire a contractor to do so. It order to replace and repair a rusted wrought iron hand railing, you are going to need access to a few basic construction tools and you are also going to need to be knowledgeable about how to use those tools. If you have the right skills, you should be able to repair your hand railing in an afternoon. 


You are going to need to own or borrow the following supplies:

  • Reciprocating saw
    • Metal Cutting Blade
  • Hammer
  • Drill
    • Masonry Bit
  • Metal Primer
  • Metal Bonding Adhesive
  • Pop Rivets
  • Duct Tape
  • Bucket
  • Water
  • Hydraulic Cement
  • Pointed Trowel

If you don't know how to use the above tools, find someone to partner with you can assist you or hire a professional to complete this job.

Remove Rusted Railings

The first thing you are going to need to do is remove the section of the hand railing that has become rusted. If that section is particularly degraded, you may be able to bend the railing back and forth and just break off the rusted pieces.

If the rusted pieces are not that flexible, you are going to need to use a reciprocating saw to cut off the rusted sections. Cut as close to the good section of hand railing as possible. You may even want to cut just a little bit into the area where the railing is still in good condition in order to create the most stable and safe railing possible.

For any little pieces of iron that you are not able to remove, you can drill them away with a small masonry bit. Try your best to come as close to the good railing as possible. If any of the railing extends into the cement floor, try to drill out any pieces stuck in the cement with your drill.

Measure The New Railing

Once you have removed all the damaged railing, measure out the new railing. If any of the pieces you purchase are too small, you can use your reciprocating saw to cut them down to size.

Secure Hand Railings

If you are replacing hand railings, spray them with metal primer and then apply metal bonding adhesive to the ends of the railing, and set it in place. In order to keep it in place, you are going to want to secure it with some pop rivets. You may want to secure the new handrail in place with duct tape in order to apply the adhesive to dry properly. You are not going to want to touch the hand railing for a day or two so it can dry properly in place.

Insert New Railing Legs

If you had to remove the legs of the railing, you are going to want to repeat the same steps that you did with the hand railing. You are going to want to apply metal primer, metal adhesive bonding, and rivets.

Then, you are going to need to pour cement into the hole where the railing leg will go to secure it in place. You can pick up some quick mixing hydraulic cement at your local hardware store. This type of cement only requires for you to put it in a bucket, add the appropriate amount of water, mix it up and pour it.

Once you have mixed up the cement, pour it into the hole the leg will go into, and then secure the leg in place and apply extra adhesive between where the leg and the handrail connect. Repeat this process for each leg that you need to replace.

Let this project sit for two days. After two days, you can remove the duct tape that was securing the hand railing and the cement should be dried and cured. Purchase the supplies today to complete this project, or put in a call to your local contractor (such as one from Weld Pro) and schedule them to come out and complete this job for you.