5 Reasons Why It's Dangerous To Do Your Own Water Damage Restoration

25 July 2015
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If your home has recently been affected by a flood, a fire or even a serious leak, you are probably dealing with a lot of water damage. As a homeowner, it's probably tempting to start cleaning up the mess as soon as possible. However, tackling your own water damage restoration is never a good idea. It can be extremely dangerous for a few reasons, so consider these dangers before you attempt to start the clean-up yourself.

1. There Could Be an Electrical Issue

First of all, you should think of the dangers that could come from an electrical issue. If your electrical outlets and wiring have gotten wet, then there could be a fire at any moment. You could also harm yourself by plugging in a wet-dry vacuum cleaner or other equipment before having your electrical wiring inspected and repaired.

2. You Might Slip and Fall

Think about how slippery a wet floor can be, and imagine yourself attempting to move your items around your home when you're walking on wet surfaces. You could obviously be in danger of slipping and falling, and you could even have to worry about drowning if there is still standing water in your home and if you fall and are unable to get up, such as if you are knocked unconscious.

3. Your Property Could Collapse

Building materials that are wet are obviously not reliable anymore. This means that you have to worry about your ceiling or other parts of your home collapsing. This could cause you to get trapped or could cause very serious injuries.

4. There Could Be Snakes

Flooded homes often become the target for snakes. Along with there being an increased possibility of there being snakes in your home, there is a good chance that you won't be able to see them until it's too late if there is standing water in the house. A poisonous snake bite could leave you seriously injured, or worse.

5. The Water Could Be Contaminated

There is always a chance that flood water could be contaminated with dangerous materials. Exposure to these materials could cause you to get extremely sick.

It can be tough to know that your home is seriously flooded and to not do anything about it. However, to protect yourself from these dangers and to ensure that your home is cleaned up properly, it's a much smarter choice to hire a professional water removal company, such as Southwest Restoration Inc.