Gearing Up Your Gown For The Big Day: Makeup Stain Removal

17 July 2015
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Most women have thought about their wedding day since they were young girls. You want every detail to be perfect for your upcoming day, and having your gown in pristine condition plays a big role in the success of your wedding celebrations. If you have worn your gown for bridal pictures prior to your wedding, you may notice some makeup staining on the material of your dress.

Here are some tips for removing three common types of makeup stains as you gear up your gown for your big day.

1. Foundation Stains

Tinted foundation stain can really stand out on your wedding gown, so having the ability to efficiently remove these stains is essential when it comes to keeping your gown looking pristine.

Your first instinct might be to rub the stain with some water, but this will have little effect on removing the stain. Foundation stains are considered an oil-based stain. Since oil and water don't mix, the water won't be able to penetrate the stain alone. Instead, use a bit of liquid dish soap to scrub away the stain. Liquid dish soaps contain a degreaser that will help break up the foundation stain and remove it from delicate fabrics like lace and silk.

2. Lipstick Smudges

While that sultry red lipstick might look great on your lips, it can be an eyesore on your dress. Lipstick stains can sometimes be difficult to remove, since the color can migrate with vigorous scrubbing. If you notice a lipstick stain on your wedding dress, reach for some rubbing alcohol.

The key to containing the stain is to apply the rubbing alcohol to the back of the fabric, not directly onto the stain itself. Use a cotton swab or cotton ball to rub the alcohol in a circular motion. Spray with cool water to avoid setting the stain further, and repeat the process until all signs of lipstick smudging have been removed.

3. Mascara Stains

Mascara can be beneficial in defining your lashes, but you certainly don't want it all over your wedding dress. If you notice a black mascara stain on your gown, reach for a pine-scented floor cleaner.

It might sound strange to use a floor cleaner on your dress, but these products have the ability to remove both the pigments and the waxes and oils found in mascara from your dress. Be sure that you don't apply any heat to the stain until it is removed completely, or the stain could become permanently set in the fabric of your gown.

Removing stains from your wedding gown doesn't have to be difficult. Knowing the right products to use to get rid of makeup stains will help you get your gown ready for your wedding day. If you're unsure about removing stains on your own, take the dress to a professional cleaner, like FRSTeam by DKS Dry Cleaning Restoration.